This Hashnode Hackathon gave me my next startup Idea

This Hashnode Hackathon gave me my next startup Idea

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The Hackathon

Versel the company behind the famous server-side-rendering front-end framework Next.js, is hosting a hackathon on hashcode Hashnode Hackathon powered by Vercel which is running from 15 January to 7th February. While it took me a while to get acquainted with this platform I came to know that Hashnode is not just a blogging platform but they also make it fun by hosting hackathons. It was February 1 when I discovered this hackathon and thought let's give it a shot.

Disclaimer: This is my first Hackathon ever

The Idea

Hurray, Now I have decided that I am going to submit my hack, all I need is an Idea exciting enough to work upon. 2 days passed I must say coming up with a hackathon project Idea is no easy task. Finally, I decided to work upon the problem I faced when I was setting up my Linktree profile on Instagram. Linktree is great when you just want to share your other social media profiles. It does the job but the features were quite limited for me. All I wanted to do is sell my custom skateboards online on social media platforms without setting up an e-commerce website and breaking my bank. I had little to no technical experience handling an e-commerce website and wasn't much proficient in setting my own shop. How can I just display my skateboard and a pricetag so that my profile viewers can buy my stuff without leaving the site?

The Solution

Here goes nothing, Swagtree, a platform that enables the creator to show off and sell their creations directly where they have built their audience and focus on creating. This platform aims to assist the creator and the social media influencers share their products online be it stickers, giveaways, or skateboards.

If you have a suggestion please drop in the comment box

This is my first ever blog post and I am publishing my first revision, writing without any filters and without following any writing styles. I am just a noob-developer sharing my thoughts. Please forgive my typos and grammar.

Thank you for reading

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