Top 5 Youtube Video Tutorial to Learn React & Redux in 2021

Top 5 Youtube Video Tutorial to Learn React & Redux in 2021

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If you are trying to become a frontend developer and build your career around it, React.js is a must-have skill for you.

Why Learn React

  • React is all about Reusable Components
  • React has a fast learning curve
  • React is used by huge organizations
  • Learning React makes you instantly hireable
  • You’ll increase your earning power

There are tonnes of resources for you to learn React but these are what helped me learn to React and I think it can help you too.

Here is my Top 5 list of youtube videos that helped me learn ReactJS.

I will request you to bookmark this article and follow this list sequentially without skipping it.

Intro to React by Mosh

This is the first video I would recommend you to watch since here mosh explains to you what React is and why it exists. With beautiful animations, he easily explains how React works under the hood and what it is meant to solve.

React JS crash course Traversy media

Now that we have some knowledge of React. It's time we learn how to implement it in a project. Here Brad Traversy teaches you how to structure your project and use React the right way.

React Hooks Traversy media

In this video, Brad explains "hooks" in React, specifically the useState hook which allows us to store state in a functional component. This is also a project-based video where we build a small todo app

Redux For Beginners

Redux is a cool way to manage your app state like a pro. If you are building a large scale application. Using redux is more reasonable. In this video, Dev Ed explains to you what is Redux and when to use it.

React&Redux course by net ninja

Okay, enough of crash courses. Let's dive in deep.

This is a video playlist of 44 videos where we will again learn about React including Redux and make our concepts concrete using another project. Feel free to skip over topics that you can easily recall.

React&Redux course by net ninja


I would be more than happy to hear from you if this list helped you in any way. Feel free to suggest your favorite video tutorial.

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