Introducing Avatarsum: Cute Pandas for your app

Introducing Avatarsum: Cute Pandas for your app

An avatar generator and image placeholder for your next app

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The Idea behind Avatarsum

As a web developer we always build our next big app as side project we build websites mobile apps. Well at some point in our app we need to add images but we don't have them.

It gets very cumbersome to manage images in the assets folder of you app (if you are a web developer you know what I am talking about). We have to download image store them and then refer them in our <img> tag.

Finding Motivation to finally do it

I always wanted to create cute little pandas and clerk hackathon is just the excuse I needed to finally build it. This month of Hackathon in Hashnode (clerkdev hackathon) has indeed been an learning experience for me.

A Tour of Avatarsum

Avatarsum is svg based avatar file generator. It can help you by providing placeholders for your images and user avatars in you app.

Avatarsum comes jam packed with awesome features.

  • Downloadable svg files Screenshot from 2021-07-30 23-01-57.png
  • Save favourite pandas in collection section of your account. Screenshot from 2021-07-30 23-09-04.png

  • Save favourite colour pallet. Screenshot from 2021-07-30 23-11-31.png

  • Wide Range of color pallets to choose from


Whats coming in avatarsum.

Though this hackathon have arrived to an end. This is just the begining of avatarsum. I am planning on rolling out amazing features for this app in coming months.

  • Team collaboration feature
  • More pandas and more emojis and more color pallete
  • Future avatars - Koala, Sardar ji, Batman.


  • I learnt to create svg drawings in InkSpace.
  • Learnt about clerk dev stack.
  • Learnt about authentication and authorization in user management.

Challenges Faced

  • Huge learning curve.
  • Faced issues in hosting with Clerk library.
  • wasn't able to use useUser hook properly, It was tedious. Had to store user in context.

Live Preview


let me know what you think. If you have a suggestion or a feature request please comment below. I will consider them.

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